Medical Detox Centers in Pawtucket, RI

If you were given prescription drugs for pain, and now you feel sick if you don't take them, medical detox centers in Pawtucket, RI can help you. Many legal prescription medications are highly addictive and very hard to quit. Fortunately, a number of local rehabs offer the comfortable medical intervention that can end prescription drug dependency.

How Did You Get Addicted?

If you are currently hooked on legal opiate pain meds, your habit can be as confounding as that of a heroin addict. They are, after all, nearly identical drugs. Narcotics, whether in the form of doctor-prescribed OxyContin or "smack" purchased in a back alley, are some of the most habit-forming substances in the world.

When ingested, opiates release a rush of feel-good chemicals that bathe the brain and body in comfort. Dopamine levels spike, and GABA neurotransmitter action is enhanced. Pain is replaced with euphoric feelings. Once this happens, the brain and body begin to crave repeated exposure to opiates. Eventually, more and more drugs are required to achieve the same pleasant effects. Ultimately, brain changes may occur that make it very hard for the addicted person to feel anything positive without a dose of opiates.

Opiate addiction can have adverse consequences, including health troubles, mental health complaints, broken relationships, and hassles with the law. Once the body becomes accustomed to opiates, it can be a very hard habit to quit. Fortunately, medical detox centers in Pawtucket are ready to help you overcome opiate addiction today.

Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

Some recovering addicts describe withdrawal as the sickest they've ever felt. The first hours and days of withdrawal can be quite horrible, especially for those who have been taking a considerable amount of legally prescribed or illegally obtained opiates. Within hours of the last dose, the user feels anxious. They may sweat to excess and have watery eyes and a runny nose. Tremors and involuntary leg kicking may follow. As withdrawal progresses, symptoms intensify. The patient feels nauseated and exhausted but cannot sleep.

This is a tough time when the addict may have an overwhelming desire to seek relief any way they can. It's also the perfect time to talk to someone at one of the local drug detox treatment centers. The staff at a compassionate drug detox treatment facility can offer special medicines that make ‘kicking' addiction so much easier. Most clients who stick it out and kick their habit with the guidance of drug detox programs say that it was one of the best decisions they ever made for themselves.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is available at a number of local drug addiction treatment facilities. Typically performed on an inpatient basis, medical detox provides a team of healthcare professionals to monitor the client's progress, comfort, and safety. Buprenorphine, methadone, and other medications may be given to reduce the rigors of drug or alcohol withdrawal in Pawtucket.

In addition to medical intervention, medical detox centers in Pawtucket provide cognitive behavioral therapy, peer group recovery meetings, healthful meals, and companionship with others who are also in recovery. You may even make lifetime friends while checked into drug and alcohol detox centers.

Is Medical Drug Detox Right For You?

If you spend too much of your money and time thinking about drugs, buying drugs, and using drugs, treatment in a compassionate drug detox center could save your life. Kicking' a long-term dependence on drugs without medical monitoring can be dangerous. The length of your stay in one of Rhode Island's confidential drug detox centers will be based on the sort of drugs you use, how long you've been using them, and the general condition of your health.

If you are reading this blog because you need medical detox centers in Pawtucket, RI, please don't hesitate to contact a medical drug detox treatment center. Addiction is a difficult problem that's hard to solve without help. Call Pawtucket Drug Rehab Centers now for help (401) 337-9021.

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